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About Laurence

What I’m passionate about in teaching Yoga is sharing with my students and learning from them. I put a priority on guiding them towards a deeper understanding of their bodies (physical, energetical and mental) so that they can improve their well-being in day to day life and their balance for all years to come. A student told me that she was “starting to feel like living within her body whereas she was living separate from her body before”; I sincerely wish all yoga practitioners can reach that awareness some day once they are ready for it.

You can expect my classes to be never the same. Some days I will focus more on the anatomical benefits of the practice, others on its energetical aspects linking the Yin practice to TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) or I will teach a rather silent class as an opportunity to "walk on the path towards meditation". There is however a constant in all my teachings, mindfulness on breath is always emphasised.

Born from a Swiss-Italian mum and a French dad, I grew up in between the 2 countries and later settled in Switzerland to build a career and a family. Professionally as well as privately, I was driven all the way by a desire to help people around me to grow. I first spent 13 years in managerial positions with a global leading company and then trained as a Business & Life coach accompanying people into change for 7 years. Teaching yoga is a natural continuation on this path. I first stepped on a yoga mat in 2010, engaged in a passionate practice with a boundless curiosity after moving to Singapore in 2012 and now balance my nearly daily Yang practice with Yin types of yoga as well as meditation. I am grateful that all along these years, I have always been supported by my husband and our 3 kids, now teens and young adults.

Certified Yoga Alliance RYT200 Yoga instructor in 2013, I trained for more than 700 hours in Asia and elsewhere and was particularly blessed to deepen my understanding of Yin yoga & Meditation with Sarah Powers and Jo Phee, of Yoga Therapy with Arun Rana. I am also a big fan of Myofascial Release (MFR) technics and love to integrate its benefits in my classes. I have studied this matter from several sources and I'm one of the happy few Yoga Tune Up® certified teachers in Europe.

I have been teaching regular weekly classes in several yoga studios since 2014. My Yin & Restorative class was awarded Shape magazine Award of the "Most relaxing yoga class in Singapore" in 2017.

Back in Geneva since 2018, I cannot wait to meet you there and around soon! Laurence Chehab-Fabry

Trainings & Retreats

January 2020
Advanced Yin yoga TT in Anatomy and fascia study 32hrs - Yinspiration (Jo Phee) - Berlin
November 2019
Yoga Tune Up® Breath & Bliss Immersion - Ottawa
August 2019
Paul Grilley - Yin yoga, the Functional approach - E-Training
May 2019
MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) 8 weeks program - Geneva
April 2019
7-days silent meditation & yoga retreat - Mandali centre - Italy
March 2019
Anatomy Trains in Motion Tom Myers - London
November 2018
Yoga Tune Up® Certification Training 70hrs - New-York
August 2018
Roll Model® Method – The Science of Rolling / Ball sequencing & innovation – Yoga Tune Up® - Dublin
June 2018
Restorative Yoga Level 2 TT30hrs - ATYoga (Adeline Tien) – Como Shambhala Singapore
October 2017
Restorative Yoga Level 1 TT30hrs - ATYoga (Adeline Tien) – Como Shambhala Singapore
September 2017
Yoga for Pre-Teens TT25hrs - Creative Yogis (Karen Wightman) – Pure Yoga Singapore
March 2017
Yin yoga module 3 Acupressure & Lower limbs anatomy TT 50hrs - Yinspiration (Jo Phee) – Como Shambhala Singapore
January 2017
Yoga Therapy TT 30hrs - Pure Yoga (Arun Rana) Singapore
August 2016
Yin yoga module 2 Spine anatomy & MFR TT 30hrs - Yinspiration (Jo Phee) - True Yoga Singapore
November 2015
Vipassana 11 days silent meditation retreat - Dhama Malaya Malaysia
July 2015
Yin yoga module 1 Hips anatomy & TCM TT 30hrs - Yinspiration (Jo Phee) - Cologne Germany
May 2015
Vinyasa yoga Master immersion 50hrs - Pure Yoga (Copper Crow) Singapore
November 2014
Yin, Yang and Insight meditation TT 100hrs - Insight Yoga Institute (Sarah Powers) - Koh Samui Thailand
April 2014
Advanced TT 45hrs - Bryceyoga (Briohny Smith) - Pure Yoga Singapore
October - December 2013
Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga TT 200hrs & Ashtanga yoga practice & Sutras TT 60hrs - Tirisula Singapore
Workshops with
Nelson Chong FTI (Dual Zone Myofascial Release Levels 1 & 2, 2017-2018), Beta Lisboa & Sai Calder (Yin Fascial Yoga, 2018), Ross Rayburn (Therapeutics, 2018), Teresa Richard (Yoga Nidra, 2017), Laruga Glaser (Ashtanga, 2016)