Fascia Yoga & Roll

If you experience stiffness, muscles pain or lack of mobility anywhere in your body, if you sit at a desk or stand on your feet for long hours, if you exercise a lot and feel like your body is getting tighter and tighter, if you love massages,... this practice is for you.

In this class, we combine 3 practices, all with a common goal in mind: to move and stimulate our fascia. We use Yoga Tune Up® Therapy balls to learn and practice self Myofascial Release (MFR) techniques. Rolling is like having a deep tissue massage, where you have total control of the pressure and the areas that need attention. Therapy balls are either integrated in Yin yoga postures or used on their own in non-yogic moves. Additionally, we practice some specific Yoga Tune Up® poses, a unique blend of yoga, corrective exercise, self-massage, and breath strategies. Laurence is currently one of the happy few Yoga Tune Up® and Roll Model® Method certified teachers in Switzerland and she will bring these 3 methods together in a senseful, pleasant and efficient sequence.

Each session will be different as we can work on the entire body from toe to head, finding and releasing areas of tightness or tenderness, while learning more about the body’s connective tissues and fascia.

Some of the many benefits of rolling are Increased flexibility, tension and pain relief, better circulation, deeper breath, increased energy, stress relief, improved concentration, higher performance in your other activities. In short, a "healthier and more comfortable in your body" you.

This class is suitable for anyone who cares for their body, except during pregnancy and until post-partum recovery is complete. In case of doubt related to a medical condition, please seek for medical approval. No yoga experience required, beginners are welcome.