Yin Yoga

YIN YOGA is a slow-pace yoga in which we practice simple poses, mainly on the ground, which are held for several minutes in passive mode (muscles at rest). By doing so, we target the deeper tissues other than muscles, such as bones, joints & fascia particularly in the hips, shoulders and spine areas. Having healthy connective tissues is a clue for an improved flexibility and a good mobility. Another of the great benefits of Yin yoga is the mental part. From the 1st session on, you will improve the connexion to your body, awareness of your breath as well as your ability to quiet your mind and be better concentrated.

In YIN & BALLES classes, we combine Yoga Tune Up ® self-massage balls to work on the fascia even deeper, prevent fascial adhesions and release trigger points.

Yin yoga complements perfectly the more dynamic and muscular types of activities and we encourage you to have a balanced activity by including both practices. This class is available to anyone, man or woman, whatever your age, flexibility and strength. No prior yoga experience is necessary, beginners are welcome. We promise you will feel challenged and at the same time you will enjoy the practice! You will feel “more at home in your own body” through a full work on your body, mind and energy.