C'était génial, tout doux comme j'en avais besoin! (Yin yoga)

Élodie, Studio Soham, Geneva

À essayer pour une relaxation parfaite! On ressent les bienfaits immédiatement (Myofascial Self-massage)

Élisabeth, Studio SoHam, Geneva

The styles of yoga that Laurence offers are deeply healing for the body, and she is a wonderful, patient teacher. Working with her has been extremely helpful for my back pain. Thank you Laurence!

Evan Lee, Geneva, on Facebook

Tout d'abord la premiere seance de yoga a été sur bien accueillante, je me suis tout de suite sentie bien, apaisée, c'est pourquoi j'ai decide de continuer. Laurence fait sont travail avec beaucoup de professionnalisme ainsi que beaucoup de tacte. L'ambiance est au rendez-vous, on se sent bien dans son cours. Je conseille vivement d'assister a une seance. A savoir qu'elle a un bon temperament de voix, tres doux et relaxant.

Barbara Monnerat, Genève

I did the trial session Laurence offered to Glocals members. It was a Restorative Yoga session, which I'd never heard about before. I found it very relaxing for the body and calming for the mind. After a very though week at work it was the perfect way to unwind and get ready for the weekend. I thoroughly recommend Lets Yoga. Laurence is very nice and competent. The place is charming, light and confortable. I will go back for more soon

Robi, on Glocals, student @ Let's Yoga

Good luck Laurence for the next chapter. I will always remember your yin classes. I’ve never found one quite so beautiful.

Regan Della-Porta, student @ AlphaBalance

J’ai découvert le yin par hasard, il y a un peu plus de deux ans. Depuis, le cours de Laurence est devenu un rendez-vous hebdomadaire à ne manquer sous aucun prétexte : la pratique me confère bien-être physique, sérénité et m’aide à gérer les situations de stress au quotidien. J’apprécie tout particulièrement la capacité de Laurence à s’adapter à chaque participant, permettant à chacun, qu’il soit débutant ou yogi expérimenté, jeune ou moins jeune, de profiter pleinement des bienfaits de la pratique, de prendre conscience de son corps et d’en repousser les limites en douceur, sans porter de jugement. Merci Laurence d’avoir su partager ta passion, j’espère que nos chemins se croiseront à nouveau !

Nadine Bagnoud, student at Swiss Club in Singapore

Loved it! My shoulders are less tense after 1 session of yin yoga. V effective, v patient and professional instructor - Laurence. Thank you!

Mrs J. H. , student at AlphaBalance

I obtained exactly what I wanted from the workshop.... To gain sufficient technique in order target my own problem areas, which will allow me to focus on & incorporate this form of therapy in day to day maintenance of good health.

Barbara Mason, Roll & Release workshop @ AlphaBalance

I have been taking yin yoga classes with Laurence for over 2 years. I never miss her class unless I am traveling. Yin is a wonderful way to start my week! Laurence ensures that each class has a variety of poses with each class being different than the previous. Laurence leads us through a series of poses and calmly explains the purpose of each pose so that I learn something new each week. In summary, I love the variety that Laurence creates. Furthermore, Laurence has a lovely voice that calms me and allows me to focus. This may sound trivial, but sometimes an instructor's voice or accent can be distracting. Finally, I would add that Laurence takes time during the practice to adjust and advise without judging. She knows her "yogis" well and always enquires about injuries or general wellbeing. She uses a variety of props (blocks, strap, bolster) to individualize the poses for me as required. A wonderful attention to personal abilities! In short, I can highly recommend Laurence as a yin instructor. I truly enjoy her class!

Noelle Ahlberg Kleiterp

Laurence is very selfless and shared many useful tips, I really appreciate the session.

Sarah Ang, Roll & Release Workshop @ AlphaBalance

Today's workshop was great! Many thanks for teaching me all the techniques using the Therapy balls. I enjoyed the calm atmosphere and the rhythm of the entire workshop. I felt much more envigorated after the workshop. The time has passed so quickly and that's thanks to you skilled coaching methods. Not one dull moment.

Camee Gergely, Roll & Release workshop @ AlphaBalance

Would just like to thank Laurence from AlphaBalance for another great Yin session this morning. If you're looking for a class which challenges your body and mind in a totally different way and is less sweaty(!) then check out her classes - she's fab!

Emma Hamilton

I love the instructor for your Yin yoga class (Laurence). Only wish is that she teaches more classes after work hours and at more convenient central location. The class was small and intimate which was great. Laurence explained in great details and have good knowledge of body anatomy. I think even for beginners, the class was not intimidating as Laurence tries to help and give a lot of options. Laurence has a very soothing voice which really relaxes you. The mat (very sticky so I really like it) and props are all great. Only thing is I wish there was an option to use therapy balls (hard ones) instead of soft tennis balls.

Student at AlphaBalance

Lovely class and teacher. Was just what I needed at the time.

Student at AlphaBalance

Hi, this evening I had an amazing restorative class with Laurence. Throughout the whole class I felt as though I were practically asleep but I wasn't. I managed to follow instructions and move into the next poses when it was required. I want to experience it again.

Student in AlphaBalance

Love Laurence's class, such a lovely way to unwind and reset mid week.

Student at AlphaBalance

The yin yoga class was really lovely and it provided a good balance to the more energetic styles of yoga that I have done. Laurence is a beautiful teacher who was very patient with all my moving around. I didn't realise my hip flexors were that tight! Thank you, I will definitely join in again.

Student at AlphaBalance

Laurence, vraiment top!!! (Yin yoga & Myofascial Self-massage)

Barbara, Studio Soham, Geneva

C'était génial, je suis repartie toute légère!! (Myofascial Self-massage)

Élodie, Studio Soham, Geneva

Went to Wednesday Yin Yoga. Instructor voice is calming and gentle. Suitable for people who has stiff body n need some relax stretching. Rated 5/5 stars

Student at AlphaBalance

Thank you for the nice roll & release workshop, Laurence! :) I am keen to join back again if you are teaching level 2 before you leave

Mrs Teresa R., Roll & Release Workshop @ AlphaBalance

Best yin yoga instructor ever. Wishing you the best, Laurence!

Jilianne Nishina, student @ AlphaBalance

Before I started joining Laurence’s yin yoga classes, I was of the believe that the only way to reduce stress and find a balance is doing intensive workouts. But there was always missing something. It only took a few lessons with her to realise what a calming and soothing effect yin yoga has on me. She taught me how to better connect with me, my body and my mind. What I appreciate most (beside her great teaching skills) is her ability to treat everybody for what he/she is; an individual. She understands the different needs, capabilities but also physical limitation and always offers different option to do a pose (reminding us to listen to our body). I could not have had any better teacher than Laurence to start my “yin yoga journey”.

Fabienne Kronig, student at Swiss Club for 2 years

5/5 stars. The workshop on myofascial with Laurence was excellent. On time, practical, and one could feel the passion she has for the subject. I can recommend the class.

Mr U.N., Roll & Release Workshop @ AlphaBalance

Thanks so much for the workshop yesterday. It was amazing! I felt really relaxed after the workshop like I feel after having gone for a massage.

Mrs N.M., Roll & Release Workshop @ AlphaBalance

I thoroughly enjoyed the Roll & Release workshop! Laurence was very patient and kind and I enjoyed her approach to teaching. I was able to take home a few new tricks for my own personal practice, which is what I was seeking upon joining. Overall a pleasant and enriching experience. Thank you!

Mrs B.H., Roll & Release Workshop @ AlphaBalance

Laurence has taught me Yin Yoga since February 2015 in Swiss Club Singapore. She is a caring, dedicated and knowledgeable Yoga instructor and her instructions are clear which allows the participant to adjust the posture according to body limit of each individual. She explains in detail the benefit of each posture, which body parts/muscles are targeted etc. This allows the participants to understand their body limitations better and feel re-assurance on benefit of each yoga posture. I would like to recommend her to share her knowledge of Yoga to the larger community.


Thanks a lot to Laurence, assertive yogi that took us for 75 minute in a world of relaxation and wellness with her warm voice and clear guidance. It was my first experience of Yin and I loved it. You will see me again!

Constance David

Thanks for the wonderful class! I will check out your Tanderra class timing! I really love your class and your energy. Most relaxing yin yoga class I have ever attended. It's always great to find a yoga teacher who teaches with such passion :) .

Student at AlphaBalance

Wow! LOVED the Yin yoga session I've just been to with Laurence from AlphaBalance at the Polo Club. What a great complement to the sweatest Taba and Vinyasa sessions! We used the wall and the whole session was lying down. My whole body and mind feel light and airy now. Totally recommend it!

Emma Hamilton

Wonderful class with Laurence. So relaxing and fantastic stretching. Thanks!

Student at AlphaBalance

For anyone looking for a bit of Yin with their Yang yoga I can totally recommend the new Alphabalance class at the polo club which i tried tonight. It's a 90 min class and is the perfect combo. Enough yang to get you warm and the muscles engaged and then yin to balance you out again and restorative poses to totally relax body and mind. Feel like I will sleep like a baby tonight! Thanks Laurence Chehab-Fabry!

Emma Hamilton

I went for the Myofascial roll and release class. It was very useful and I have been practising the moves daily. It has benefited me a lot in releasing my tension of neck and shoulder. Look forward to attending more classes at AlphaBalance. Thanks!

Student at AlphaBalance

I think tonight might actually have been life changing (Deep stretching workshop at Tanderra).

Student at AlphaBalance

Loved the atmosphere of the studio and the instructor’s guidance (Laurence)!

Mrs HLV, student at AlphaBalance, Deep Stretching class

In the midst of private estate. Clean and nice environment. Instructor allow for changes to help make poses more achievable. Enjoyed class.

Student at AlphaBalance

Fantastic Yin Yoga session at the polo club tonight - great for my tight hips and shoulders and for the mind, will sleep soundly tonight - thank you Laurence & AlphaBalance.

Emma Hamilton